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Sidikii Clothing Co


Feed The Hungry

“Feed the hungry, visit the sick, free the captives.” With the support of those who have embraced our cause, we were able to help fill over 200 parcels at the food pantry in our local mosque. The IMSO food pantry gives out food to over 200 underprivileged families every second & third Sunday of the month. Thank you for helping us help others.


Sidikii Clothing Co

Byme Muslim youth mentor program

We helped to launch the BYME program this week. This is a great program that helps teens in the Boston Community by giving them the skills to reflect on and speak about their own identity and values as young Muslims in America. The program is designed to mentor teens and equip them with leadership skills that will help them translate their values into action as they design and implement their
own projects and initiatives.

BYME Facebook Page