Dua for Boston


Our hearts grow heavy for our hometown of #Boston. Thank you to those who have sent emails and messages asking about our well being. #Allhumdulillah, we are physically we’ll but our hearts hurt for those who lost their lives in this senseless act of violence. We personally have friends who were seriously injured in the #bostonmarathon bombing and ask that you keep them in your prayers. We also know that at least two of our Muslim brothers or sisters have been seriously injured in the bombing as well. Please keep them in your #dua may #allah make this time easy for them and make their struggles of that which extinguish any sins or wrong doings they may have done in their past. #inshallah we plan to donate the profits from all out remaining inventory of shirts to helping fund the recovery efforts of those who were effected by this tragedy. We feel this is one of the few ways we can actually help in this trying time. #prayforboston

Byme Muslim youth mentor program

We helped to launch the BYME program this week. This is a great program that helps teens in the Boston Community by giving them the skills to reflect on and speak about their own identity and values as young Muslims in America. The program is designed to mentor teens and equip them with leadership skills that will help them translate their values into action as they design and implement their
own projects and initiatives.

BYME Facebook Page