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Sidikii Clothing Co. Summer 2013

Sidkii Clothing Co.

Photos by @Abbasphotos

Salaam Just Dua it Just Dua it Rad Muslims Just Dua it Just Dua It Radical Muslims Just Dua It Just Dua It Just Dua It Sidikii Clothing RadHijabi RadHijabi RadHijabi


8 responses to “Sidikii Clothing Co. Summer 2013

  1. 4deals1

    hey how can I learn to to art/ printing/ graphics on t shirts like you

    • sidikii

      There are many ways to learn. Are you into art?

      • 4deals1

        I do a little bit here and there not tutored though .. self taught.. do u make clothes or just design t shirts ?

      • sidikii

        Just design tshirts at the moment. Maybe in the future we will make clothes as well. If you already know how to draw you will just need to learn how to use digital art programs like photoshop and illustrator. This will allow you to creat digital screens to print your art in your shirts. To learn how to print I would check out one of your local art school. It is a complex process.

  2. 4deals1

    by the way i’m Muslim too assalamu alaikum

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